Friday, December 30, 2011

HBBC Week 6 ...

I know. I've been pretty quiet this week. Sorry about that. This week has kind of thrown me for a loop.

Christmas was exactly what I expected. Just the 4 of us. Sitting around watching movies. Arguing over stupid crap. The normal. At least mom caved and bought a Honeybaked Ham! Yummy! Not going to lie, though, my parents spoiled me this year. Along with more Zensah, mom made a payment on my car loan and surprised me with tickets to see Beauty & the Beast (the Broadway show on tour) (Yes, I'm 25 years old but I'm a proud Disney kid and B&B was one of my favorites)! Dad, being his normal ridiculous self, decided my brother and I needed something that he and I had been seeing in stores for 2 months now and joking about ... Ohio State gnomes. If they have the other one next time I go into that store, I'll probably get it. I laugh every time I look at them.
<-- Mine              Little Brother's -->

Monday's run was supposed to be an easy 2 miles, but the only word I can think of to describe it is fugly. If you don't know what "fugly" means, feel free to ask your children (but don't be surprised if they don't want to answer you). Anyway, 5 minutes in, my right shin (outside ... not where it normally bothers me) seized. I stopped several times to stretch it out, and that helped a little, but it still hurt. For almost a mile, I felt like my left foot was striking normal but I was just dragging my right foot along. I likened it to the clomping of a horse's hoof or something. It took a LOT of self control to not freak out. I hoped it was just something about the angled road and not being completely warmed up that irritated my shin. As soon as I got home, I ace-bandaged a heating pad to it, stretched it out, and then pulled on my compression socks. It helped, I guess.

Wednesday was supposed to be a 3-mile run day, focusing on speedy intervals. The same spot on the right shin got a bit achey just before mile 2, but it didn't really HURT like it had on Monday. I stopped to stretch it out a couple times. By mile 3, it felt almost normal again. I don't know if it was finally warmed up and stretched out or if the ibuprofin I took before leaving the house was finally giving in, but I was thankful.

I've done a little cross training on the days I wasn't attempting to run, but I've done better. I just haven't wanted to hurt my shin even worse this close to my races this weekend. I've been really good about my fruits and veggies this week, though. I guess it helps that mom let me do the grocery shopping on Monday and I made sure to stock up on things she wouldn't normally get. And then took the time to cut up the veggies and have them ready to go.

Tomorrow is day zero. Except for having lunch with an old friend who's in town for the holidays, I'm going to spend the day laying in bed watching movies and relaxing ... until it's time to go race. This thing with my right shin has made me more nervous, but I'm trying to stay calm about it all. I'll take extra care warming up and stretching out beforehand. All I can do it my best. Cross your fingers for a PR.

If you're also racing this weekend, good luck. If not, have a great new years and be safe. I'll have plenty to say about my 2 live races, virtual race, and resolution fun run next time. :)

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  1. Good luck on your race! My fruit and veggie count is SERIOUSLY down for the week. This holiday food is killing me. My body will need a detox next week.