Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Recap and This Week's Streaking

I was pretty happy with May, numbers-wise.

Miles Walked: 27.73 miles ... Normally this is just my warm ups and cool downs, but it was exceptionally high this month with the 2 weeks I spent dog-sitting.

Miles Run: 65.78 miles ... Highest mileage month I've had in the past year ... and June is going to be even higher! I'm slightly ahead of schedule to meet my 600 miles in 2012 goal. If I can knock out those miles a month or 2 early, maybe I'll add another 100-200?

Total Miles: 93.51 miles

Races: May was blissfully race-less. I needed this month to reconnect to the FUN of running and to figure out what I wanted next. Both accomplished :)

- - -
My #RWRunStreak is going strong so far. I realize some people (like me) started their streak ON Memorial Day and others started the day after, so my day # may be different than someone else's. I think that's fine. I interpreted the instructions as Memorial Day to Independence Day, including those days, but I guess others saw it differently.

So, since the last time I posted ...

Tuesday (Day #2): I was feeling achey and lethargic and sick all day, but I toughed out 1 mile on the treadmill because I didn't want to let my streak flop so early! Besides the 1 mile and my last post, I pretty much spent the day in bed catching up on sleep and having some crazy-wonky-detailed dreams (one of which has already inspired an interesting short story). Before anyone gets all worried, I know all the sicky-ness this week is my body reacting to the quick weather changes and my meds trying to combat my body's weirdness. I'm used to this. My pinched sinus cavity and I have been to this circus a time or 2 before. Honestly, I'm healthier now, I think, than I've been in a very long time (like, years, possibly a decade) ... thanks to running.

Wednesday (Day #3): It was a gorgeous (but hot) day so I wanted to take advantage of the dry trails and shade over at Oak Openings. I knocked out both the Sand Dunes (red) and Lakes & Ferns (blue) Trails for a total of just over 4 miles running. I ran the Sand Dunes Trail pretty quick for me and really enjoyed picking up my speed to blow by other people. Pretty sure I scared the crap out of the guy walking and wearing a mosquito-net-hat. lol. I was SO proud of myself for running all the way up the dune face and continuing to run the length of the dune crest. That's kind of a big deal for me. I don't know if I would have been able to do it if it hadn't been early in my run, but I still did it. I also spent a LOT of time while on the Lakes and Ferns Trail thinking about how I can improve my trail runs and get more out of them. Some days it's a victory to just run the whole trail without stopping, but I'm noticing more and more that I need mini-challenges to keep myself interested. I know of a couple places along both trails where it's relatively flat and straight that I could use for a random mid-run speed session before settling back in for sandier and more uneven terrain. I tried out one spot at the end of the Lakes and Ferns Trail loop and REALLY enjoyed it.

This is also the day I met a girl on the trail and again in the parking lot after who I felt kind of sorry for. She had bought a pair of knock-off Vibram 5-Finger-type shoes and was running in them for the first time. First, the sole ripped apart in the furthest place along the trail from the parking lot and then on her way back, she ended up with a MASSIVE splinter in the bottom of her foot from some of the pine mulch along the trail. The poor thing was sitting on the ground in the parking lot TRYING to dig this splinter out before driving home and was probably doing more damage to her foot than good. *cringes*

Thursday (Day #4): Group run at Second Sole. Some weeks this run just kills me and other weeks it makes me insanely, stupidly happy. This week was the second option. My mind was clear, my legs felt REALLY strong (maybe it's all the trail running finally paying off? *crosses fingers*). I ended up knocking out my 3 miles with mile times of 10:14, 10:10, and 10:00.

Friday (Day #5): My calves felt tight all morning and I was a bit lethargic, again, so when it came time to log my mile, I jumped on the treadmill in case I needed to stop. I took it nice and slow and amazingly felt better the longer I was running. I ended up running 1.5 miles in 20 minutes. It was an oddly cold and icky day outside, so I was happy to spend the rest of my day helping get things done around the house and getting my parents ready to head out of town for Ohio Bike Week (motorcycles, for those of you not in the know).

Saturday (Day #6): My day of almost near-euphoria. It's been a very long time since I've had a day this ... good! Fueled only by a white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie, banana, some nuun, and a rocking playlist, I busted out 6.84 miles running from home up to Mallard Lake and back. That in itself would have made me happy, but I got giddy excited when I got home and checked out my mile times ... 11:12 (my warm up), 10:44, 10:52, 10:52, 10:23, 10:31, and a 10:15/mi avg pace for the last 0.84 miles. I had a moment of doubt towards the halfway point when I got a stitch in my side for a couple minutes, but I managed to focus on my breathing and get through it. It probably helped that LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" came on just then and it lifted my spirits in a way only that kind of music can. It never really hit me until I made the turn back into my neighborhood at the end just how STRONG my legs felt. I also drank less water on this run than I used to on a 3-miler. The water thing could have just been because it was cooler out (I wore a long-sleeve shirt with my shorts and compression socks) or it could have been that I just didn't need it since I was well-hydrated before and I managed WHEN I got sips of water during the run.

Once I got home, I had just enough time to shower and whip up Grandma's recipe vegetable pizza (I'll post a recipe sometime) [and deal with one more "issue" with getting the parents to Bike Week ... thank goodness my brother didn't have plans] before heading over to Annie and Dan's for the rest of the day. They were having an open house/ bbq/ party thing going on. I had a great time and it was just the thing to cap off my Saturday.

Sunday (Today- Day #7): Because of how late I got home (Mr 3:30 and I met again), I planned on letting myself sleep in until 10:30. Wouldn't you know it, my eyes popped open all on their own at 10:28? Haha. Though pretty darn breezy (mom's wind chimes on the back deck are starting to annoy me), the sun is out and it's warming up again so I wanted to run outside. I went back to another of my favorite places in Oak Openings, Evergreen Lake, and ran a quick loop to get in my 1.3 miles for the day. Though short and quick, I really enjoyed the chance to stretch my legs and check out the progress on the new trail markers being installed. I had planned on jumping in the pool when I got home, but I didn't realize the pool temperature has dropped 20* in the past 2 days! Holy cow! So, no swim for this girl today. If it were warmer and not so breezy, I might go for it, but today I just sat on the deck with my legs taking advantage of the cool-ness.

- - -
My walking mileage is likely to go up again for the next 9 weeks. Toledo Area Metroparks are hosting "The Great Park Search" again this summer and it starts tomorrow. Basically, Metroparks posts clues online, one for each park in the area, each week, and you have to go find the location. There will be a "code word" you have to bring back and enter on a website to earn entries into drawings for cool stuff. Last year, I won a $150 gift card to the Anderson's (a local store that has an AMAZING alcohol collection. They're the only mainland store that carries my FAVORITE wine so I was a very happy girl!)! It's a lot of fun and it gave me something to look forward to on my runs last year when I was really just starting my running journey. And, I plan on participating again this year. I'm excited! :D

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