Friday, July 6, 2012

June Recap and July Goals ... and A NEW PR

I know it's already a week into July. Too bad. I write best when I have a lot pent-up that I need to talk about and I just didn't have that this week. I went out and lived my life and just let things happen. It was refreshing.

First, June.

10.39 miles walked
89.58 miles run

Longest Run: 9.5 horrible miles

Happy Trails 5k ... 29:18
Global Distance Project 5k ... 29:16 ! Yep, that's right. Even with walking up that #$@%! overpass and not having my Garmin, I PRed. I don't care that it's only by 2 seconds. It's a PR. And proof that I'm doing SOMETHING right. :) 94 of 228 overall. 20 of 111 women. 5 of 13 in my age group.

Now, July.

#RWRunStreak is COMPLETED! Woo! I can't believe I did it! :D

I don't have any races planned, which means I need to focus on completing my long runs and figuring out my hydration/ nutrition strategy. I printed out the map of the race course today so

I'm going to work on my favorite forms of cross-training: biking and swimming. These were my loves LONG before rowing and running.

Except for a strained muscle glitch earlier this week, I'll be following along with Amanda from RunToTheFinish's July Challenge: Strong Like Susan's 30-Day #AbChallenge. I'm excited about this because I know my core is weaker than I would like. My abs have always been a sore spot in my challenge to be comfortable with my body too.

It's time to buy new shoes. My poor Saucony Guide 4s are looking pretty pathetic. Now to decide if I'm going to hunt down another pair of Guide 4s or take a chance on the Guide 5s ... or something else.

And my last goal for July ... enjoy my 26th birthday (without blowing up my half marathon training plan). I'm completely in shock I'm this old already. I feel like I should be waking up early tomorrow morning and still going to high school. Sheesh.

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