Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh hai!

I decided it was time to start blogging again, even if that means sending in my posts via email on my new phone. So ... here goes nothing.

I have a confession to make. Since I switched over to night shift, I haven't been running. At all. Not even Thursday night group runs. Nothing. But ... I'm still in pretty good shape. Actually, my drivers license weight isn't a lie for the first time in 6 or 7 years. This seasonal package handler job is seriously kicking my butt. I had to buy smaller jeans and dad has been punching new holes in my belt for me.

And here's where I need help/ advice ... I signed up to do the new years double 5k like I did last year. Midnight Special at 11:45pm on NYE and then Hangover Classic at 11:45am on New Years Day. Am I crazy? Any tips on getting ready for this (other than start running again)?

I figure that since my feet are usually so sore when I wake up for the day (I stand on concrete and metal grating all night at work), I'll get in a couple miles doing laps around the neighborhood whenever I get home from work. This job should be over by the end of this weekend, but it'll be good for me to keep myself used to being up late for Midnight Special. I remember being up that late was a hurdle for me last year.

No matter what happens on new years, its time for my running shoes and I to be besties again. I have my training plan tentatively written out for my 2nd half marathon and it starts with the new year. :)

If I don't write again before Christmas, have a wonderful holiday everyone!

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  1. I don't think you are crazy - I bet all of the on your feet time will make running easier than you think! As long as you aren't too sore that is. Good luck getting back into it!