Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily Challenge 9/1

How to do it

Write down one problem or issue that you are concerned about. Spend a few moments thinking of two solutions, and then write the solutions next to the problem. If there is one solution that seems stronger, circle it and think about how to implement it.

Why it matters

When we're really worried about an issue, it's easy to spend time over-thinking it. With too much thinking and too little action, people become stressed about a problem. Taking the action to brainstorm solutions and select one to potentially put into action lessens some of the stress created by the problem.
My Answer:
Well, my biggest issue right now is financial. I can't find a job while I'm working on my Masters, but I'm not on a graduate stipend any more. I had a nice savings built up when my TA/GA ended, but I've been living off it since the beginning of this year. My savings has lasted me much longer than I had expected, but as my wallet shrinks, I seem to have bigger and bigger expenses. One of my solutions, and the most practical, is to hurry up and finish this stupid Masters so I can find a job. In the short term, I'm cutting back my spending as much as I can (no fast food, no unnecessary expenses [hard when you're a bridesmaid], only driving to campus a couple days a week), and finding smaller ways to make a couple dollars. I babysit when I can and I'm collecting aluminum cans to take to the recycling place. IF ANYONE IN THE TOLEDO AREA HAS CANS THEY WANT TAKEN CARE OF, LET ME KNOW. I CAN PICK UP.

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