Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fitness Goals For The Rest of 2011

It's time I get back to LIFE. Seriously. I need to work out again for sanity's sake. Plus, Annie's wedding is 2 1/2 weeks away now. That gorgeous bridesmaids dress is hanging from my closet door right now, mocking me for my lack of exercise the past couple weeks. I've run a couple times, but mostly just rambling down the trials over at OO.

So, to re-commit myself, I'm writing out my fitness (mental and physical) goals for the rest of this year.

1. Blog at least 2x a week, even if it isn't about running. I try to keep as much of the personal ranting off here as possible (that's why I still have my Xanga, right?), but sometimes there is something that just needs to be said.

2. Run at least 3x a week. Simple enough.

3. Weights/ cross-train 2x a week. I'll be focusing on my arms and upper body until after Annie's wedding, and the pool is officially closed (*sob*), but I'm setting up little brother's playstation (that he didn't take to his apt) in the basement so I have a way to play my workout dvds where I actually have ROOM to PARTICIPATE. Maybe I should move my Wii down there too ... now to buy a balance board.

4. Complete at least 5 challenges every week on DailyChallenge. I'm on the "Active Life" track right now. Most of the challenges are extremely simple things like stretching or today's was doing 12 wall push-ups, but it's a nice reminder to get up and do something.

5. Be more conscious of what I eat. Eat to enjoy food and fuel my body properly. This takes effort because I'm a bored and nervous eater and I don't always make the best choices. I guess mom is going to work on dad (he promised to go on a diet after he realized he at 4 hot dogs for dinner before the football game the other night), but we'll see. I appreciate my mom cooking from scratch as often as she does (which is more related to HER health issues than to my diet), but portion control is a SERIOUS issue in our family.

There. I think those goals are reasonable. And 5 is a nice simple number. Not too many, but I'm not slacking off either. This will be a good thing. Any one else want to weigh in?

I should probably get in a decent late-morning snack/ early lunch NOW so I can run when I leave the lab this afternoon. *Looks around.* Yes! I still have instant oatmeal in my lab stash. *happy dance* :)

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