Saturday, September 3, 2011

Daily Challenge 9/3

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER! He's 20 today (good grief I feel old). We went to Red Robin last night for dinner and mom MADE SURE the waitress knew he was the birthday boy so they'd sing to him. He glared at mom the entire time. It was hilarious! lol.

How to do it

Find the oldest, most outdated, clunkiest pair of shoes in your closet. You know, the ones with an inch of dust on them. Put them on. Walk around the house in them. If you're still unsure whether you should get rid of them, snap a photo of your feet and send it to a friend. Have her give you three reasons to get rid of them. Then put them in your donation bag (or toss if damaged).

Why it matters

Closet real estate is king, and way too valuable to have it taken up by shoes that we no longer wear. By ridding your closet of old, unused shoes, you will have the room to be better organized. This will facilitate wearing what you have, taking better care of it and getting dressed faster, thus eliminating the mad dash for the door every morning. And you will never again be frustrated by not being able to find a pair of shoes that you just KNOW are in there.
My Answer
I always "rotate" my tennis shoes ... When my running shoes get worn out, they become my every-day shoes and then become my grass-cutting, creek-stomping shoes. They don't get thrown away until they are COMPLETELY trashed. That being said ... I have a pair of old nasty creek-stomping shoes still in my car after last weekend. They're headed to the trash can now.

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