Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weird Food Cravings ..

It doesn't matter how much I eat throughout the day, and when. I almost always get crazy cravings for breakfast food, mostly cereal of some kind, late at night (usually around midnight). Thank goodness mom and I always keep the house stocked with Frosted Mini Wheats or Special K Red Berry (or Special K Yogurt Bites) and 1% milk (dad can't stand skim, but I can't stand 2% anymore, so we compromise if both of us are going to be home).

Am I the only one? Any insight? Anyone else have a weird late-night food fixation?

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  1. My dad eats a bowl of cereal around midnight to keep his blood sugar at a constant level....

    Sometimes when I get a craving for something to munch on in the evening, I usually grab a bowl of cereal, too, but that's usually around 10pm or so if I've had an early dinner or skipped dinner.