Thursday, October 27, 2011

I love presents ... Even when I buy them for myself :)

I JUST ordered these amazing compression socks from Zensah on Tuesday (?) and they got here today! And at half price, thanks to an AMAZING deal from Schwaggle. Woo to the hoo! And a HUGE *THANK YOU* to Jess for posting about the deal on Facebook! I've been eyeing these babies for a while now but have been holding off because of the price. Anyway, almost all my workout clothes are either black, grey. purple, blue, or green (can you tell I'm more comfortable wearing cool colors?) so I thought I'd SHAKE THINGS UP and order PINK! I was a little worried when the website told me I should order a size small (helloooo huge calves) and getting them on the first time was a little interesting, but I'm LOVING them already. These bad boys showed up at my door JUST as I was getting off the treadmill so OF COURSE I had to throw them on the second I got out of the shower. :) I kind of wish I had ordered the green pair too now that I have them on. Hmm, Christmas list? Oh, moooooom! :D How much they help is yet to be seen. I've been told these will help with my shin splints AND my cruddy circulation, so we'll see.

I did my Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred dvd again today, level 1 still. I don't want to move on until I can keep up with the moves on the dvd with the hand weight I WANT to use. I tried some of the moves the other night with my set of 2 pound weights and it felt useless so I guess I'm going to tough it out with the 5 pound weights and just keep working at it. I got on the treadmill after my JM butt-whooping since it had been raining when I went down into the basement (still can't bring myself to run in the rain, especially when it's cold). As much as I completely enjoy and adore the extended soundtrack to Nightmare Before Christmas (ADORE Tim Burton!), it only kept my mind off my cranky stomach for about 20 minutes and then I needed to call it an afternoon.

My nutrition has been kinda OFF the past couple days and I've been feeling it today. All I can do if work at getting better and continue to have the conversations with my mom about WHY I can't eat some of the stuff she makes. You would think someone with as many dietary issues as SHE has would be more understanding of the things I can't and just plain won't eat. Well, to be completely honest, dad makes a bigger deal of it all than mom or I do.

Alrighty. Time to throw on the sweat pants and crawl in bed for my Thursday evening shows. Take care everyone. If I don't have time to post again before the weekend, have a safe and awesome Halloween weekend.

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