Friday, February 17, 2012

Late Night Text Convo with Liz

Just a quick follow up on last night's shenanigans ...

I was cautious when Mike started going out with Liz. I had met Mike through his ex before we started working together and became friends. When Mike and his ex split up, I was still good friends with both and wasn't exactly sure how to deal with Liz coming into the picture (even though Mike's ex had already moved on and began dating the man she's now married to). Mike thought Liz and I would be good friends so he's been pushing us together ever since. And we are, to an extent.

Apparently we're good enough friends that things like this happen ...
Last night around 2am, I get a text.

Liz: I have learned you can't make oatmeal without hot water.

Me: Oh? Why are you using cold water?

Liz: There's no hot water at the sink right now (M's parents are remodeling their kitchen) and I don't want to heat any up because M is asleep on the couch less than 10 feet away. Anything would make noise and you know how cranky he is about getting woken up.

Me: Lol. Yea, he likes his sleep. I wouldn't put it past him to kill you and hide the body before everyone woke up.

Liz: God help us when we have kids. I'm doomed to be the one who's up all night while he wears earplugs.

Me: *gigglesnort* Ya know, it IS still oatmeal, even with cold water.

Liz: Naw, more like cold,  not-quite-soggy, over-sugared processed oats. Not as good. Hey! It's a new breakfast cereal! I'll make millions! Ok, maybe just hundreds. Or just run through our savings and put us into insane debt.

Me: I'm sure if you told Mike exactly what you just wrote to me, he'd forgive you for waking him up while heating up some water in the microwave. LMAO

I swear I could write a book with all the crazy texts and phone calls I get after midnight. I'll make millions! Ok, maybe just hundreds. Or just run through my savings and put myself into insane debt. lol. :)

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