Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday and Changes to My Bloggy World

I was at loose ends yesterday since I STRICTLY enforce my Sunday rest day (stupid shins) ... for now. Fab Ab February has Sundays designated as rest days too, but at least I did my #plankaday to keep me straight with those pesky @plankpolice. Instead of going crazy with boredom (or working on my Masters paper or picking out a new book to start reading), I started cleaning. Even worse, I started PLANNING cleaning! After stripping every bed in the house of its sheets and starting laundry, I wrote out a list of every major cleaning task in the house (that my parents would let me do), ball-parked a time and frequency, and actually wrote out a freakin' schedule! Yea, besides spreadsheets, organizing and planning are my bread and butter. If I were more outgoing and friendly, I could have made a career out of it.

Dad finally called a cease fire to my craziness when he came inside from washing the cars (somehow mom and I convinced him to wash our SUVs too when he had only planned on washing his truck) and saw that Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl was on! Since we don't have a dog right now, we have to get our fuzzy cuteness quota SOMEHOW! OH MY GOODNESS, YOU GUYS! THOSE PUPPIES WERE FREAKING ADORABLE! And the piggy pep squad?! Squee! I'll admit, I even logged onto Twitter and was following along with Meep the bird's tweets (hehe) ... So sorry if you follow me and were confused by the bombardment of randomness. lol.

I hadn't planned on caring who won the game last night since my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers weren't playing (thanks for nothing, Ben), but I was quickly reminded how obnoxious Tom Brady is. Oh, and he went to the school "up north". That would be University of Michigan for those of you not initiated into the Buckeye/Wolverine rivalry (Born and raised in the Toledo area ... right in the heart of the border battle, baby!). Yes, TEHNICALLY both teams had 2 former-Wolverines playing, but Tom Brady tipped my favor for the NY Giants.

Did anyone else think the game flew by surprisingly fast? One minute, Brady was being pressured into giving up a safety (his first play of the game - HA!) and then there were 2 minutes left until halftime. Sheesh!

Whether you like Madonna's new single or not (and I'm definitely in the "not" category here), you have to admit she's an amazing singer and performer and that halftime show was one of the better ones over the last couple years. I love Cee Lo and LMFAO, but I could take or leave Nikki Minaj and M.I.A (I actually had to look up who the heck she was!).

During the second half, I had just as much fun watching the game as I did watching my mom spazz over the score. If NY would have just kicked the stupid extra point instead of botching the 2-point conversion, mom would have won $25 in her office pool! She was NOT happy. Dad and I kept shifting our eyes back and forth between the tv and the bowl of chex mix sitting next to mom. Lol.

Ted and I, Yellowstone NP. August 2010
As you may have noticed, I'm trying to make some changes to my blog. I want it to be more personal - more of a reflection of who I am and the journey I'm on. I threw together the new banner in about 10 minutes last night when I couldn't sleep (which was when I started writing this post too), and there is still some things I want to work on, but I'm liking where's its heading. In regards to the banner, thanks (x 1 million) to Ted for being an amazing friend and taking the picture (Badlands National Park, August 2010), kevinandamanda for the AWESOME font, and school instructors over the years for INSISTING I know how to use Adobe Illustrator. Anyways, I need to either make it a bit wider or, at the very least, figure out how the center the darn thing. And I have NO IDEA what the heck is going on with the background yet. I just threw in a generic texture from the template library for now. If you have any tips or suggestions, let's hear 'em! Seriously.

I know I've been trying to keep this blog as much about health and fitness as I can, but I've had a couple questions about my "101 Things in 1001 Days" Project, also known as a "Day Zero" Project. If there's interest, I'll gladly devote a tab to it with info and updates on my progress. Just like with my running and diet, putting it out there keeps me accountable. What do you think? Is there any interest?

Anything else you would like to see on here? I'm really trying to make 2012 the year I change my life for the better, or at least make a huge step in the right direction, and I want to be able to share that with all of you in the best ways possible. I'm already working on re-writing my "About Me" to better fit who I am and who I want to be.

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  1. I loved the half time show (it was all I watch of the SB) I know I'm a loser. I love the new header and noticed it right away! going to creep your new about me :P