Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Problem with Losing Weight and Getting Fit ...

To set up this conversation ... I don't dress up very often. I basically live in my jeans and tee shirts ... and have since jr high. But, over the last couple years, I've had to buy more "professional" clothing for "work". I've noticed lately that my jeans were fitting better and I can wear a size smaller tee shirt if the cut is right, but I didn't really think much of it. Last week, I was trying to decide what to wear for a night out and had a bit of an issue ...

Me (yelling from upstairs): Mom, I think I have a problem.

Mom: What now?

Me: I can't find a pair of pants to wear.

Mom: Huh?

I walk downstairs wearing my favorite pair of gray slacks. I'm holding up the waist because, if I let go, they'll fall halfway down my butt.

Mom: Oh. Um. Well.

Me: Yea. Every pair of dress pants in my closet are like this. I knew I was losing inches, but sheesh.

Mom: And how much have you spent on work clothes the last couple years?

Me: Hundreds.

Mom: Well, I guess you could take a couple pairs to the tailor.

Me: Mother? *glare* It'd probably be cheaper to just buy new pants.

Mom: *sigh* Probably. Did you check the pants that are in the little suitcase on your top shelf?

Me: There are pants in there?

Mom: Yea, when we cleaned out your closet before you moved home, I put a couple pairs of pants that still were in good condition up there.

To cut the story short, I ended up wearing a pair of junior-size dress pants I haven't been able to wear in over 6 years. A size and a half smaller. Holy crap.

I guess now I need to go through and try on every thing in my closet. And work my a$$ off to stay at the smaller size.

It's SUCH a horrible problem to have. *giggle*snort*giggle*

Mom took pity on me and got me a $50 gift card to Kohl's for Easter. But, I'm not going to use it until I NEED to.

Oh, and my "pants problem" is now a running joke in our family.

PS - How the hell did I not know about TJ Maxx? I bought a pair of Nike Tempo shorts that were "past season" (someone please explain to me how all-black shorts go "out of season"?!) for half the price of a new pair ON SALE next door at Dick's Sporting Goods. AND I got another of my FAVORITE Nike tank. Same deal with the "past season". It's normally $25, but I paid $9.99. YES! :D


  1. oh you are sooooo right. i lost weight slowly over the years and it was just like suddenly one day I would realize stuff didn't fit. i went back to KC recently and planned to wear some work clothes i left there..only they looked like a sack!

  2. I have the problem also. Right now I have no dresses! The dress I wore on Easter was too big and is going to the Goodwill soon. I have 1 pair of nice pants as in non jean pants that I got on clearnace from Target and they are pretty much to big but that is all I have.

  3. YAAAAAAAAAY for losing weight! I always think it's an awesome feeling. Truth be told I still have a whole drawer filled with my larger clothes "just in case" - but I love when you can fit into old stuff you couldn't before.

    So happy for you. I am glad your mom donate to the SIZE 6 cause!!!!!