Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So, I stopped at a grocery store on the way home. Along with grabbing a couple things for mom, I needed another tube of nuun since I only had 3 tabs left and I haven't ordered more yet. Well, it took me a while to find them because they had been moved to the CLEARANCE shelf of the "diet" section. Yea. Instead of each tube being $5+, they were $2.99. So ... I bought them all ... And then stopped at the other store on my route home and bought the 3 tubes THEY still had on the shelf. Lol. Score! This should last me a little while :)


  1. Heck yeah! Score for you! So jealous.

  2. Awesome deal, I would have cleaned them out too!

  3. Nuun on clearance - whoa! Way to get a deal!

  4. Replies
    1. nuun is an electrolyte drink tab. I have problems with getting dehydrated on speed workouts and longer runs so I've been experimenting with drink mixes (just plain water doesn't help much) and so far, this seems to work the best for me.