Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday [Morning] Musings and Decisions

Sorry if this post gets a little disjointed, but I'm writing it in bits and pieces as I think of things this morning. I'm tired of losing writing ideas because I can't be bothered to stop what I'm doing and jot them down quick. No joke, I thought of 2 things in the shower this morning I wanted to write about about (1 being a great idea for an essay) and I can't remember either of them now. lol.

I mentioned my friend Sarah wanting to go to Buffalo Wild Wing's boneless wing night in my last post. Besides wanting to spend time with people I don't get to see very often, I need a stress-free evening "out" ... away from my family, school, and everything else going on in my life. I happily got up early and ran my "speed" workout this morning on campus and the University-Parks Trail (1 mile easy and then 1/4 mile intervals of 5k race pace [ish] for 2.5 miles) so I could be guilt-free about skipping group run tonight (despite the free hot dogs and burgers to celebrate Matt winning the Glass City Marathon this weekend). Well, I got a text right after I got into my lab saying everyone's meeting at B-Dubbs at 9/9:30pm. My reaction? Ugh that's late. I don't know if I'll go anymore. The B-Dubbs they're going to isn't right up the street from me (actually, it's right down the street from group run. hehe), so it isn't someplace I just go on a whim, especially that late. Plus that's just too late for me to be eating during the week. I'll be starving by 6:30/7pm (usually right around the time I'm finishing up group run and heading home). I don't think I would want to go even if I hadn't run this morning. I'm normally done with my run at group by 7:15ish, but then I would still have 2 hours to either wander around Levis Commons or to go home, clean up, and drive back. Neither option is especially easy. I hate that this sounds so whiney in my head, but it just doesn't work with my day, no matter what I do. I guess I just answered my own question on if I would go or not. Dinner in bed while watching Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, and Grey's Anatomy it is, then. And maybe a walk into the village for ice cream. *sigh* The worst part? Now I'm trying to decide if I should still go to group run and at least walk the (shortened) loop and get some food. I don't have extra running clothes with me, but I can at least put my running shoes back on so I'm not wearing boots. :-/

My procedure yesterday went well. My Dr is a great guy and kept me talking and distracted while he was injecting the numbing agent (my issues with needles are well known and it's a very prominent note in my file, which is why the nurse was so amused by the fact I have a tattoo). In the end, a little less than a fourth of my back was numbed since we didn't know how deep he'd need to cut into the skin to remove my spot (I guess it wasn't technically a MOLE). Luckily, it was extremely superficial and he was able to remove it completely in less than 15 minutes. And with hardly any damage to the skin around it. After he cauterized the crap out of it to "keep it from seeping everywhere", he just stuck a bandaid with neosporin over it and sent me home. I should hear back from the histology lab in about a week. Actually, I'll hear back sooner if something is funky with the sample. I guess they call if something is wrong, but send a letter with a copy of the report if everything is fine. So all I can do is wait.

The Dr warned me about how it could feel as the numbing agent started wearing off and he was dead on. The sensation of slowly feeling your skin again is SO WEIRD - made even better by the fact that this was happening as I was driving myself home. lol. Every other time I've had a surgery or procedure, I was either knocked out or so high on pain killers I wouldn't have noticed. The uber weird part is that I could still feel every needle prick, but not where the spot was cut off. About 24 hours and a shower later, I can feel the skin around the spot starting to dry out and pinch a bit. I'm torn between keeping it covered to protect it and letting it air out and just keeping the surrounding skin moisturized. I left the bandaid on until right before my shower this morning just so I didn't scratch or rub it overnight. Now, I can't even REACH the spot to put another bandaid on if I wanted to. It's in that PERFECT spot between your shoulder blades where you can JUST BARELY touch. And how interesting it is to touch ... it feels like I have a little, scabby crater in my skin, about the side of a thumb nail. I kind of enjoyed walking into the study room this morning wearing a spaghetti-strap tank top and watching people (who didn't know where I went after lunch yesterday) flip out.

Dr M was a little worried about a scar, but I'm not. If I do get one, it should be flush with the rest of my skin. More likely it'll just look like a skin discoloration when I get tan. Like I said, I'm not worried. I joked to the Dr that my body was like a collection of scars and every scar was a story, either stupid or awesome. They're all a part of who I am and I'm ok with that. Anyway, there's no way it can look any worse than that big mole/ spot [crap, I have no idea what to call it] did.

Holy crap I'm craving a Snickers bar right now. It's taking more willpower than I can even explain to NOT get $0.85 out of my wallet and walk upstairs to the vending machine. And I saw the snack guy refilling it this morning as I left on my run so I KNOW we aren't out! *munches carrots with peanut butter and raisins"

I think I talked about this before, but I was kind of bummed when my month of boot camp ended. When the trainer asked me if I wanted to continue, I explained to him my money issue. I just can't afford $129/month right now. Yes, that price would be cheaper (marginally) if I could get a couple more people to join up, but I'm not going to push people into something like that. You can imagine my grin when I got my livingsocial email and there was a deal for a month of unlimited boot camp with the same trainer for $40 (directly with him, not through BCOR this time). Now I'm torn. I really enjoyed working with Eric, but this deal is more expensive than the original deal PLUS I'm hoping I'll be done with driving to campus VERY SOON, which makes this studio WAY out of my way. I don't know. I'm torn. I think I'm going to ask mom what she thinks, even though I know what she'll say. I enjoyed boot camp and it's results, but I DID talk about how I felt like it took away from my running. I don't know. More decisions.

I need a nap. And a vacation.


  1. Glad the procedure went ok. The bootcamp decision sounds hard, and if you are missing running maybe that's the way to go. Can you do some of the exercises you learned on your own? That's generally what I do to save some $$ - take class/trainer for a while, then take a break.

  2. That would be nice to have the same deal, but cheaper.... But I agree, if it's out of your way, you'll end up spending more in the long run because you're only going that way for the class.
    I had no idea about your procedure (sry; I've been a crappy friend and not keeping up on my reading lately :( ). Do let us know as soon as you find out what the result is. I'll keep you in my prayers :)