Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Happy November ... I guess. It being November already just stresses me out. My paper isn't as far along as I NEED it to be. Yea, I'll just skip that rant. I spend enough time worrying about it.

So, Halloween weekend ... Friday evening was spent over at the newly-married-couple's house meeting their new feline addition. Bonus, D's sister and her bf were in town too and brought along their adorable new puppy. I'm a sucker for labs of any age but Baily is barely 2 months old and is FREAKING ADORABLE. I wish I had gotten pictures of the little fluff balls, but I was having too much fun laying on the floor and playing. lol. After we wore out the fuzzies, we went across the street to the mexican restaurant for some margaritas and shenanigans. It was a good evening.

Q and I ... too bad there are no pics of me with my
sword and hat ... or full body. lol
Saturday night was party night. I decided that even though I wasn't going to know anyone besides Q (which usually instantly triggers my "pull back and just watch" safety mechanism), I was going to try to enjoy myself. I was mildly successful. At least I (think I) looked cute. lol. I'll give Q this, I wouldn't want to live in that old rectory. It'd be an amazing building in its heyday, but MAN is it creepsville. To be honest, it wouldn't be as creepy if half the building wasn't used as storage and Q and her roommates didn't CONSTANTLY talk about how creepy stuff was. Oh well. I ended up driving home around 4am since I was pretty much sober and there was NO WAY I was staying there if a couple of Q's roommates' friends were staying there. They creeped me out almost as much as the basement of the rectory. Oh course, I had to wait almost 10 minutes before I could leave since my car was completely iced up and I didn't have my scraper in the car yet. It was a foggy, just-below-freezing night ... perfect for thin sheets of ice on stationary surfaces. Is it weird that I actually kinda enjoyed driving in the crazy fog on the ride home? It was a creepy but awesome drive down 65. Once home, though, I was glad to strip off my fishnets and throw on my sweats and crawl into my bed.

I spent all day Sunday lazing around in my sweats. I did get some cleaning done, but not much. I was just as emotionally and mentally exhausted as I was physically.

Monday was Halloween. I kicked myself into gear early and got a couple hours of work in on my paper. As soon as my mind started to wander, I went off and decided to decorate the front of our house for the trick-or-treaters. We never carved pumpkins this year, but we have a bunch of light-up fakes between mom and I. I arranged them out around the front porch to look like a little pumpkin patch. Again, I should have taken pictures but I just didn't think about it. I loved sitting by the front door with mom and watching the little kids in their costumes. Then, it was time to gather up my snacks and my glass of wine and settle in for Ghost Hunters Live. *giggles excitedly*. I know, I'm a complete nerd. I love this stuff. Don't get me wrong, if I ever found myself in any of those situations I'd probably $#!@ myself and then run away screaming and never be able to sleep again, but it's fun to watch. Do I think ghosts/spirits exist? Yes. I've seen and felt and heard too many things in my life to believe otherwise. On more than one occasion over the past couple years I've FELT my Grandmother's spirit with me when I needed her. I really do believe she was sitting in that room at Hospice with Grandpa, just waiting for when he'd be able to see her and join her on the other side. But enough of that ... I had a great evening watching the live investigation at Pennhurst, playing around on the interactive website, and tweeting back and forth with the other people watching. Ate WAY too much candy and carrot cake, too. Darn near perfect Halloween night, IMO.

As for today, I'm sitting here with my paper stuff spread out around me on my bed. My bedroom is slightly cleaner than it was yesterday. My Halloween decorations and costumes are boxed up and ready to head back to my storage unit the next time I leave home (tomorrow). Oh, and a Destination Truth marathon is on tv. :)

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  1. i can't watch those scary shows, seriously I dream about it all night and wake up like crazy!