Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poor car :(

So, life just got a little more complicated over the past several days. If you follow my facebook, you've already heard about this. I took my car into AAA to get the oil changed. Five minutes after they put my car up on the lift, the guy is asking me to come with him because he needs to show me something ...

Uh huh. That would be the transfer casing to the drive shaft. Lovely. At any time, that could have fallen apart, the drive shaft dropped onto the ground, and basically impaled my car causing even more damage. I guess I'm lucky it was caught when it was. It's just going to be an expensive fix. The quote I was given on the parts alone is more than I have left to pay off on the car loan. Sheesh. Dad had a nice long discussion with the service manager at the dealership about how there is NO WAY IN HELL that part should have broken like that. We were told the only time the only time the tech has seen something like that was when someone had taken it off-road and beat the crap out of it. BUT, there is NO EVIDENCE of abuse or even a ding where a rock could have flown up and dinked it (I HAVE been driving through a LOT of construction lately). This was a complete catastrophic failure of the part itself.

So ... I am without a car at least until the beginning of next week. Which means I have to ride with mom to campus. Which means if I want to run in the daylight, I have to do it during my lunch. Which I WAS PLANNING ON DOING TODAY, but the guys over at the dealership still haven't called me and I don't take my cellphone on my runs. I'm going to be over-the-moon PI$$ED if they called the house phone after I had them hand-write on the sheet last night that they needed to call my cell phone. They won't order the parts until they've talked to me and if the parts aren't ordered by 4pm today, my car won't be done before we head to Illinois for Thanksgiving. So, yea, I'm tweaked right now. I can't eat until I run and I can't run until they call me. Mom and I are leaving for home at 3 since the contractor who's going to do the work at the house will be there at 5 for a walk-through. I don't know if I'll be able to get my behind outside to run in what is left of the daylight or if I'll just give in and risk the shin splints on the treadmill. Ugh.


  1. Don't take any crap from the service department. Stick to your guns!

  2. holy sh*t!! I'm glad they caught that. Is there any way someone else helps pay the costs? I.e. the dealership or the manufacturer?
    Did they get the part ordered in time?