Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Report

Well, I was lazy yesterday. I spent almost the entire day in bed watching college football (GO BUCKEYES and SUCK IT, MICHIGAN) and catching up on my tv shows (thank you, Hulu and Netflix).

A hilarious late-night phone call made me appreciate the end of Daylight Savings Time (and the fact that all my clocks either changed automatically or I took care of them before I went to bed) and that extra hour of sleep time. Since it was probably the last "nice" day of the year, the parentals took off on the motorcycle and I holed myself up in the basement with the tv and exercise equipment. After knocking out my semi-daily session of 30-Day Shred, I jumped on the treadmill. Oh, COME ON! Did you really think I would leave the house to run when there was a decent football game on tv? Puh-lease! I walked the entirety of the 2nd quarter and into halftime of the New Orleans/ Tampa Bay game (3.03 miles in 50 minutes). Then, I decided I wanted to do a short ladder run. I ran 2 minutes at 4.0mph - 4.9mph. It ended up being 1.48 miles in 20 minutes. Short, yes, but I'm babying my shins until I figure out wtf is going on.

So ... except for my high school losing in football Saturday night (playoff game against a team of guys that have 40-50lbs on our offensive line), it's been a pretty awesome weekend for sports. Other than the Buckeye victory and the  Wolverine loss, Kyle Busch was suspended from Nascar for the rest of the weekend over an incident in the truck race (good, I HATE that guy), SMOKE won the race and is now 3 points behind the Chase leader, and Cleveland LOST today. One more thing to make today completely awesome ... a Pittsburgh Steelers win over the Baltimore Ravens. Bring it. Kickoff in 5 ... Later, people.

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