Saturday, January 7, 2012

HBBC Week 7 and .... Wait, HBBC is OVER?!

The first week of 2012 is finally over. Wow. I'm still not used to "2012" yet. Or maybe I'm just in a bit of a fog because my parents just let me make dinner and there were no jokes about someone dying from my cooking. I think dad actually LIKED it! *shock face*

Since it's the end of the week, I guess it's time to run through my HBBC points ...
There isn't a lot to say about it. I started off the week (and the year) with 2 awesome 5ks. I almost wish I would have put in a couple more miles on January 1 to take advantage of the double points for mileage that day, but I know my legs would NOT have been happy with me. They were already pooped and SERIOUSLY ready for compression socks and rest. Oh well. I did pretty good on my fruits and veggies this week. Like I said last week, it's so much easier when mom lets me do some of the grocery shopping and I can buy more stuff that I actually like and then CUT THEM UP and get them ready to eat right away. When things are ready to east and sitting on an eye-level shelf, it's much easier to resist the siren song of the candy dish (or, in this week's case, the huge tray of brownies mom baked "for the football games". bah). I bought some V8 this week too, which helps. My extra points from my Resolution Run didn't hurt, either. If it weren't for those points and my (somewhat random) cross-training, my points would have reflected how all-over-the-board my exercise really was this week. It's something I need to address.

And here's how my points totals stacked up for the whole challenge ...

I learned some lessons from this challenge. First of all, I had to constantly remind myself not to compare my points to everyone else's. It was a little difficult when I knew I was in the same category as people who ran double-digit several times a week, but I reminded myself that I was HAPPIER with my performance when I was "competing" against myself, not someone else. Another thing I learned is that I need to be more consistent in my cross-training. I really liked how I had my spreadsheet set up with the different cross-training and strength-training things that I regularly do and the point values (for HBBC) were automatically calculated based on the amount of time (I created a proxy for a number of reps on certain things). I did everything in 30-second increments to keep me from getting burnt out on a certain exercise and could do whatever I wanted on that list as long as I got a certain number of HBBC points for the day (and I hit every major body part at least once). I think I'm going to keep this system for my cross-training. It kept it interesting for me and constantly pushed me to fit in bursts of exercise whenever I could. 20 REAL push ups and a 30-second plank during every commercial break FTW! That's 0.05 HBBC points right there! lol ;) :P

PS, if you haven't already noticed, I have my "My Favorite (Running) Things" page up and running. It's a work in progress, but I'll continue to add and edit it as I get more experiences. Since everything I'm using, I've either bought myself or been given as a gift, I think I prefer this to doing a big review of everything. Now, if there are any companies out there that WANT to send me stuff to review and write on, I'd be MORE than happy to. Maybe someday.

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