Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Toy

So, I'm addicted to Target. I can't go into that place without spending money. I love most of their clothes and I'm a fan of C9 workout gear (the sports bras and tops, I hate their bottoms). Anyway, I knew the clothing clearance racks were getting stocked last night (thank you, friends who work for Target) and I'd been eyeing a certain something in this week's ad ...

Yep, I caved. They were on sale for $55 and I've been researching adjustable dumbbells for a couple months now. I really just went to Target to dig through the clearance racks and go get a good look at these babies (I hate buying things without seeing them first), but I couldn't resist once I started playing with them. I've read some reviews, some awesome, some horrible, so we'll see what happens. I like them so far (and the fact that now I don't have to worry about buying individual dumbbells).

Oh, and I did get a pair of cargo khakis for half price too. I just need to move the button on the waistband so they're a little more comfortable. For half price, I will GLADLY make that tiny adjustment. :)

- - - - -

PS - I've seen the EXACT same thing under several brands (just the name on the sticker was different): Reebok, Pro Form, Jillian Michaels

- - - 

AGH! As soon as I post about my new toy, the UPS guy shows up with THIS:

Ignore how gross I look and focus on the new(er) toy. Haha

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