Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beautiful Day.

What a day. I didn't fall asleep until almost 4am so I let myself sleep in until around 11. I finally got up when one of the neighbor girls came around with her Girl Scout cookie sheet. As a former girl scout (technically I'm a lifetime member), I'm somewhat addicted to the Samoas (Caramel Delights). Yum. No joke, I can eat an entire box in 1 sitting and not think twice about it. I've actually hid a box of cookies from myself once so I wouldn't be tempted to eat them and then couldn't find them again until I moved out of the apartment 7 months later. Like I said, addicted. They're just SO GOOD.

Anyway, I knew I had to get outside for a run so I scarfed down a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and got dressed. Thank goodness I looked outside at the thermometer before I headed out the door ... 20 degrees and SNOWING (with a heck of a breeze in any open areas)! My training plan had me running 4 miles @ 12:40 today so I headed for the W-C trail. Even though I was in an orange coat, I didn't trust any drivers to be paying attention to what was on the side of the road over the condition of the road itself. The thought occurred to me that I really need to go buy myself a pair of YakTrax (I've tried out a friend's pair and LOVED them).

Today's run was AWESOME! I decided ahead of time that I wasn't going to look at my Garmin unless I needed to check my distance (sometimes its hard to see the half-mile markers [who decided to paint those things brown?!]) so I just set off at a pace that was comfortable and let myself run. Yes, I had my iPod on, but I can't remember a thing I listened to other than Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville". And I only remember that because it started playing just as I was passing a couple young kids sledding down the hill into the ditch on the side of the trail and I joked that I didn't realize we had enough snow for THAT. My legs felt strong and I never felt any twinges in my knees or shins (yay compression socks). 

I tried running with my bargain-bin neck gaiter/face mask up over my mouth and nose but I pulled it down around my neck after about 5 seconds. I'm ok with my face being a little cold, but my neck CANNOT feel any wind or I will get cold. I always worried about what I would wear once it got this cold (this is the coldest I've ever run outside), but I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I was in just a thin long-sleeve and my flimsy nylon windbreaker. I was wearing my glove/mitten things (I'll have to get a pic of these things, they're AMAZING) and they were SOAKED in sweat my the end of the run, but my hands were never cold or uncomfortable. I also decided I need to start running with my longer beanie or exclusively with my headband because THIS ONE kept sliding up on my head and exposing my ears (and letting my ear buds slip out). I didn't even have my hair tucked up under the hat or anything to keep forcing it up. Hrm. Whatever. I'm just happy I know what to wear now and that I had a nice run. It was the first time in over a week that I really ENJOYED my run.

A very happy Jess back home after 4+ miles.

I'm also counting the last 3.5 miles of today's run (39:37.9) as my entry for Toni's 34th Birthday and 1st Blogiversary Virtual Run. I hadn't planned on doing this until later in the time allowed (it is open Jan 12- Jan 27), but I felt today really embodied the spirit of the Virtual Run. I enjoyed myself and I really felt today was a bit of a celebration. So, Happy Birthday and Blogiversary, Toni! Here's to many more birthdays AND blogiversaries! :)
I'd be lying if I said I hadn't spent part of my run thinking about Sherry, but I chose to focus on the amazing woman that she was and not the tragic way that her life ended. I chose to celebrate her life, not mourn her death. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends, and community.

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  1. What a great virtual run and I nice 4 miler :) I love neck warmers....especially on days like today, however I am one of the poorest runners out there so I never have any "tech" gear, unless it was given to me ;) lol and I can't help but think of Sherry either.