Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Challenge 3/11

I'll write about today in another post (it's already halfway written anyway), but I wanted to share this quick. I've been on Daily Challenge for a couple months now and every once in a while I get one that really makes me think. Today's challenge (on the Everyday Well-Being Track) was List 5 traits, skills, or talents you're happy you have. I love MeYou Health because they give you extra information about your tasks too.

How to do it

Maybe you like your hair, eyes, or smile. Perhaps you have a mean green thumb, a showstopping jump shot, or the ability to make others laugh. Or maybe you're the type who can effortlessly navigate new cities, solve tough crosswords, and make a delicious meal. Whatever you like about yourself, write it down. Go for at least 5 on your list!

Why it matters

We often don't take the time to consider what's special about ourselves - and for many people, it's far too easy to focus on the negative. But when we acknowledge the things we do well and appreciate the wonderful qualities we have, it strengthens our self-worth and reminds us that we are unique and have a lot to offer.

Fun Fact

"I'm OK, You're OK," the classic self-help book that promoted a deeper understanding of the self as a way to improve personal relationships, was the United States' number-one bestseller in 1969.

I thought about this one as I was sitting on the beach after my race, and a little more once I got home and camped out on a blanket in the back yard to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Here's what I came up with ...

1) My eyes. They're green, but the shade changes, like a mood ring. They've been this way my whole life and several of my friends have gotten really good at reading them.

2) Determination, though my dad would call it being stubborn. If there's something I want, I work hard to get it. If I believe one thing, it takes some pretty strong evidence to make me believe otherwise.

3) My creativity, especially when it comes to my writing. I have a hard time writing technical reports and papers (a problem in my field), but a single thought or picture or experience can leave me writing for hours. Page after page.

4) My ability to be an authoritarian (is that even a word?) without losing the respect of those around me. I really cultivated this skill back when I worked at the girl scout summer camp. I was always known as a fun counselor (as far as I know. I STILL get the occasional email from some of my girls), but just raising my voice a little let the girls know that the time for goofing around was over and they had better fall in line NOW.

5) My scars, physical and emotional. Each one tells a story of an experience or a life lesson learned (probably the hard way). I don't regret any of them.

- - -
If you had to complete this challenge, what would you choose? Why?

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