Thursday, March 15, 2012

Simple and Satisfying.

Oh Em Gee! YOU GUYS! I just HAVE to share this!

I always love when my parents are out of the house for a couple days and I get free reign in the kitchen. I can cook things that they can't/ won't eat and I can be more careful about eating HEALTHY. [And not have to defend myself when I don't eat the amount my dad deems to be "normal".] Knowing they'd be in FL all this week, I've been stalking pinterest recipes for probably a month now. I found this and thought it sounded interesting ...
Turkey Wrap with Cucumber and Cream Cheese from Rachael Ray
It sounded simple enough (another requirement for most things I make when I'm on my own) and I KNEW I had the basic ingredients already.

Basically, cut up some cucumber and mix in into some cream cheese.

I didn't have tortilla wraps, but I figured these would work just as well. Mom and I are both in love with these things.

Spread that cucumber and cream cheese yumminess onto your bread-product of choice and layer on some of this stuff.

 I may have been a bit of a pig and layered it up. *innocent smile*

And then you get this ... or some approximation thereof ...

So simple.      So healthy.      So good.

Not going to lie, I made sure I had room in my stomach for dessert ...
Mom knows the only way to (slightly) slow down my near-inhaling of the Samoas is to store them in the freezer, so that's where they were all stashed before she left town. Plus then they aren't sitting out on the counter, calling to me, begging me to eat them every time I walk past the kitchen. :)

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