Thursday, March 29, 2012

Too Long Thursday

Long day ... Long post. Very few pictures. Sorry.

I was shown EXACTLY how out of shape I really was Tuesday night and yesterday. I was SO SORE from my first boot camp. Of course, dad thought it was HILARIOUS that I was basically holding my breath and gritting my teeth every time I had to stand up or lift my arms. And you know how you tense your abs when you sneeze? Yea, it's allergy season too. And my meds haven't built up in my system enough yet to do much good. Let's just say I was glad when the days were over and I could crawl in bed and pass out.

I was a little better prepared for this morning's early wake-up call for boot camp. Besides getting around 5 hours of sleep (which is normal for a week night for me), I "packed" and filled up all my water bottles last night, along with picking out my food, assuming it would make my morning a little bit easier. It did. And I was packing probably even MORE stuff than Tuesday because I have group run tonight and I knew I needed food for dinner and post-run too. I'm sure I looked ridiculous walking into the building this morning carrying all these bags and a cooler. Oh well. 

It was the same group this morning as we had Tuesday, which was nice. We already knew each other and could talk. My soreness had faded enough that I could joke about it and appreciate finally working those muscles which have gotten weak. We had a different circuit today (I'll post details about the circuits this weekend that way I'll have 3 days worth and I'll be able to get the names and details right ... maybe even some pics [from the web, NOT of me]). This morning's class would have been GREAT if I hadn't made one small mistake. One of the stations, we were doing kettle ball swings THROUGH the legs to make a figure 8. Apparently I didn't take a wide enough stance to start and when I tried to grab the kettle ball to change hands, it slammed into my thumb and tore up the nail. It basically bent in half, the painful way. And it bled like crazy. Oops. I just grabbed the spare bandaid out of my sweatshirt (I'm dealing with a problematic blister on the back of my ankle as well), wrapped up the finger (after pushing the nail back down), and kept going.

Even though I knew I was going to be getting sweaty again tonight, I went over to the student rec center on campus to get in a little extra cardio and a shower. Luckily, one of the working ellipticals was open and nobody was really close to it. I actually really enjoyed my 45 minutes. I kept the strides per minute around 165-170, which was where it felt comfortable with an incline of 5 and resistance of 3. I got to put a dent in my backlog of podcast listening. I always fall behind on the talk ones because I don't like hearing talking when I'm driving OR running. And I can't concentrate on writing and the podcast at the same time. It's usually music or nothing for me. About 20 minutes in, a relatively cute guy decided to get on the elliptical RIGHT next to me (even though others were free). He was OBVIOUSLY trying to show off, which was funny. But, I appreciated the eye candy because I was too far away to read the closed captioning on the tv (Sports Center was on) and I needed to keep my eyes entertained while I listened to Jillian Michaels.

It got even better when I went back to the locker room to shower and the handicap shower (the only actual shower stall) was open. And all the swimmers were almost done. *happy dance* It isn't so much about my body image (even though there are some scars I'd be happy to keep hidden from people who don't know me and the stories behind them) as it is the SPACE. I can hang up my towel (or clothes, if I don't want to walk out in a towel) in a place where it isn't going to get soaked. And there's a little shelf to sit my shampoo and soap on. And you don't have to worry about any awkward eye-contact. AND the water gets hotter in that stall. I'm a creature of comfort (sometimes), so sue me. HOT water makes Jessie happy. And I like being happy. lol. BTW - I got told I was a bad-ass for walking across campus to the rec in my shorts ... by a football player (former student of mine). He had on 2 or 3 shirts under his sweatshirt and heavy sweatpants. Haha.

I felt like I hit a wall around 2pm. One minute I was fine and then the next I couldn't keep my eyes open for anything. Ugh. I had to pull out my icky sweatshirt from this morning and use it as a pillow on my desk for about 20 minutes until the feeling passed. I'm sure I would have been better if I let myself take a nap (I've dozed off in my car in the middle of the day before), but I was TRYING to be productive.

I took it easy at group run tonight since I'm still a little stiff/ sore. I got there early and went out on a short walk/run interval run just to feel out my legs. On the run itself, I held myself to paces of 11:04, 11:00, and 10:50. I was pleased with how consistent I was, even if my GOOD knee was twitching and my glutes are cranky. It was nice to just run.

Mom gets home from Vegas late tonight. Their plane lands in Detroit at 12:30am (if it's on time), which means they won't be getting to our house until around 2am. As long as mom doesn't come into the house screaming or drop her suitcase and let it bounce down the steps multiple times (don't laugh, it's happened before), I shouldn't hear any of it. I'm completely exhausted. Today was just too long of a day.

At least I have something to look forward to tomorrow night. I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but mom bought me tickets to see Beauty & the Beast for Christmas! The Disney kid in me is so obnoxiously excited I could run around having a Disney sing-along all day. Mom texted me yesterday to remind me and I sent her back, "DO you REALLY think I would forget? I've caught myself singing all the major songs at least once since you left. I see the tix every time I walk in or out of my room! :D" Pretty sure she laughed at that. To make it even better, Sarah is going with me. Sarah is one of the girls I've known and been friends with our ENTIRE lives. I'm smack dab in the middle between her and her sister, Steph (mom of that crazy 19-month old, Xander). Our parents have been friends since college and we've basically been raised together. There are pictures of the 3 of us as toddlers, in coordinating sweatsuits, lined up next to each other on a picnic table on a camping trip [OH MAN did we get into some shenanigans on those camping trips as we got older]. My parents are even Sarah and Steph's godparents. So, needless to say she's as big a Disney nut as I am. This is going to be FUN! *bouncing up and down in excitement* :D Now to decide what to wear!

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