Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 Lovely Runs

I wanted to write yesterday ... but life interfered. Nothing dramatic, I was just super tired. It happens. Anyway, I basically did my own Tour de Metroparks to find code words on Monday. I left the lab early to put in my run at Wildwood (more on that later). 2.77 miles in 36:32 isn't very impressive (a 13: average), but I got in a 1.17 mile straight run at a 11:00/mile pace. The rest didn't go as well, and the boardwalk was closed so I didn't get to do any sprints, but it was still a nice run. Then, I made stops at the Botanical Gardens, Secor Metropark, and Oak Openings. I think that may be a personal record for an entire week's worth of codes, let alone 1 afternoon. The Oak Openings code had me a little annoyed, but that's a rant I really don't have the energy to relive right now. Let's just say the directions were a little goofy and it wasn't a clean trail. It was pretty amazing to walk back through the tornado damage. It's been over a year since that storm and the amount of damage still untouched in the park is just remarkable.

I took yesterday off. Like I said, I was exhausted.

I took off early again today, but this time to get coffee with Annie and catch up. I wanted to use my birthday free grande beverage and it was the perfect opportunity. I figured since I left early and I wasn't ready to head home yet (after 2.5 hours at Biggby's. lol), I would go hit another park and get in my run. I hadn't been to Providence at all yet, so that was the park of choice. I parked down at the Providence Dam end and ran up the towpath, past the Ludwig Mill and canal ride, and around the River Bluff Trail. 4.65 mile in 1 hour. Not too shabby considering I ran a 1.54 mile stretch at a 11:14/mile pace. That was my longest run of the workout. There always seemed to be something to slow me down: stitch in the side, the mules pulling the canal boat along the tow path (didn't want to spook them by running past from  their blind side). It was still a good run. I spent my "cool down" walking along the exposed rock downriver of the dam and taking pictures of the goofy geese.

Since mom was going out to dinner with friends and dad is in West Virginia, I made little brother and I dinner. Kid's my witness that I DO cook ... just not when mom and dad are home. Maybe I'll post the picture I took of my plate. My chicken parmesan turned out really well. I was happy.

And now ... an oreo klondike bar and curling up in bed with a movie. N is supposed to be heading home form his vacation tomorrow. Maybe it's time to be blunt with him. Maybe. That would take courage.

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