Wednesday, July 20, 2011

License, passport, and more hours in the day, please!

Yesterday wasn't the amazing continuance of my birthday week like I had wanted, but it wasn't bad either. I let myself sleep in an extra hour (I was supposed to get up an run but realized it wasn't going to happen the second my alarm went off) and then play around on my laptop until I knew government offices would be open. Since I'm turning 25, I need a new driver's license (grr) and FINALLY getting my passport seemed like a pretty smart idea too (I got my original juvenile one for the  Europe trip in 2001 ... it expired in 2006. oops). Normally I cringe at the idea of the BMV office on Heatherdowns, but it was the closest to home and in a perfect location for me to swing back through Maumee and just take care of my passport at the Maumee Post Office. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the BMV. I was able to walk right up to the counter and I was walking out with my new license in less than 15 minutes. I hate to say it, because the woman who helped me was so nice, but 3/4 of the women in that office fit the horrible cliche of overweight and facial hair. The woman who helped me SERIOUSLY had a grey mustache! *shakes head* 

Anyway, like I said, I stopped back at the Maumee Post Office to take care of my passport. It's one of the few processing places in the area where you can also get your picture done. I could have gone up the AAA and gotten my pictures done for half price, but I didn't want to go out of my way. I was pleasantly surprised at the post office, too. Even though there was only one woman working, I was done and out of there in less than 15 minutes too. I guess it helps when you already have all the paperwork filled out and you just need the pictures and the final signatures. The fact that there was no other customers when I got there probably made it quicker too. lol.

Happy, but slightly poorer (holy crap passports are expensive), I headed home to pack up my stuff and head into campus for the day. Taking all that stuff WITH me would have been the smart thing to do, but I had planned to eat lunch at home so I wouldn't be tempted to pick up fast-food on my way into town. Luckily mom and Sean were getting home from their morning errands right around the time I was. I could tell mom was already driving Sean crazy and he wanted a break so when she mentioned wanting to go into campus to do something she couldn't do from home, I all but pushed her out the door and said I would work from home the rest of the day.

After a couple hours of working on my computer, I started getting antsy. This happens no matter WHERE I work, but it's been getting worse as my stress over upcoming deadlines goes up. Since I was already at home, and I still hadn't done my miles yet (love sleeping in but hate the consequences of NOT doing my miles before the sun comes up), I headed over to Oak Openings. I didn't want to run, but I still enjoy walking the trails. After hitting the Horseshoe Lake Loop to find this week's code word, I did most of the Sand Dune trail, minus the dune ridge itself, and headed up the W-C trail connector to find an access point to the ridge (silver) trail. I now know that the north side of the ridge trail is clear (even where it was re-routed to avoid a knocked-down bridge), and I recognized where that side of the loop met back up with the lead-in trail, so I must have been on the back (south-west) side when I got goofed up a couple weeks ago. There is another access point further south on the W-C connector so maybe I'll have to try there next. Since my ranger buddy couldn't tell me anything more than I already knew, maybe I'll digitize one of the park maps and impose my gps routes over it. There's always a chance (though a slim one) that I somehow missed a connector and ended up on a different trail. If not, I can take it directly to someone at Metroparks and ask more specific questions. I understand they can't keep reproducing maps every time they work in a different area of storm damage, but that was a pretty big difference. Super confusing. Whatever. Guess I'll check it out next time we have a cloudy day because there is NO WAY I'm knowingly taking a trail that skirts the big prairie area and storm damage when it's sunny and hot. I felt like I was roasting while I was on the north edge of the ridge loop yesterday.

I'm torn. I don't know if I should continue just running as I have been, trying to build up my distance and time on my own, listening to my body and to my surroundings, or if I should try the 'Bridge to 10k' program. I'm a little annoyed that the only program podcasts I could find were for the iPhone/iPod touch and you have to pay for them. Grr. But, I did hunt down a written version of the training schedule. I GUESS I could do that now that I have my Garmin and have figured out how to program workouts. Maybe I should just get myself to the point where I can run an entire 5k without stopping first, eh? Some more cross-training wouldn't kill me, either. I have a bike (2, in fact ... once i fix my road bike), a cyclocomputer, and access to a great trail system (not to mention I just get 1 mile out of my town and it's all country roads).

As soon as I get this page of revisions done (after I post this blog), I think I'm off to Waterville to run the tow path. I KNOW it's going to be a miserable run with the heat and humidity, but I need to get it done. And I can't just do it on the treadmill tonight. I'm headed to Sarah's for some 'Pure Romance' shenanigans. It should be interesting. Haha.

Still no plans for tomorrow, though mom did ask me last night what I wanted for my birthday. I didn't know how to answer since most of the things I want right now are either expensive or something you just can't buy. I hate asking for something expensive (even something like making a payment on my car loan) because I'm already living at home and the parents are paying for my car insurance, gas, and the interest on my student loans. Anyway, I'm ok with not having plans. I like being able to do whatever I fancy. It's not that I won't do ANYTHING, it's that I refuse to only have the choices of plan a party or something for myself or stay home with my family. Plus, I really DO have work to do. The world doesn't stop spinning just because it's my birthday. lol

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