Monday, July 25, 2011

Stressful Day

Every day I look at the calender, then how much work I have done, the stack of papers I haven't even started working into MY paper yet, and just duck my head back to the computer screen and get back to work. This morning, I nearly had a panic attack. Joel's announced his thesis defense. This Friday. And I just heard Brad is going to defend next Friday, the LAST DAY OF THE SEMESTER.

I took off early (again) and went for a run at Swan Creek just to blow off some steam. I didn't want to snap at anyone, especially JB or the advisor (and they're the ones I would most likely run into). I DID get to catch up with Dr Camp when I went upstairs for lunch. He was hinting that I should go on the "out west" trip again this year. There are only 5 going, besides him, and none of them are certified to drive the vans, which means more work for him. They're going to New Mexico this year ... *sigh* If I knew I'd be done, or if I knew for sure I'd be paying for that extra credit hour and mom would loan me the money for the trip ... I would love to go and I know Angie would love for me to go as well.

I don't know if I'll have a paper I can be proud of in the next week and a half, but I REALLY don't have the money to pay for another credit hour. I need to have a very serious sit-down with the advisor, but I don't know when would be best to approach him since JB is getting his defense ready. I've kinda put both of us in a serious pickle by putting this off for so long.

It was a nice run, though. Only 86* today, and humidity was significantly lower. I just keep hoping that some day I'll see some improvement. Until then, I guess I just keep chugging along along until I end up wherever I'm going.

Oh, and the occasional texts from N certainly didn't suck either. Just knowing that he thought about me enough to shoot over a text, even if that's as far as all of this goes, puts a smile on my face. :) This week should be interesting in messages from him. His parents are gone camping for the week with the grandkids (his brother's kids, if I remember correctly). :)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Jess! You WILL see improvement. Keep at it girl!!