Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Congrats Mr and MRS Beebe!

Just some of my favorite pictures from last night ...
Steph (bride's sister)

Not going to lie, I teared up a bit watching Joe walk Sarah
down the aisle (and so did Abby, the MOH)


Mother and (one) daughter, Becky and Sarah

Gil and Becky :)

Becky, Ed, and Grandma Mary.
Mary sewed ALL the outfits for the bridal party, minus the corsets!

Xander wanted to dance on his own, not with mom. lol

Sarah and her dad, Joe

Josh and his mom

Steph and I
If you're REALLY interested, you'll have to check my facebook album for the pictures of the ridiculously large smoked turkey legs we got for dinner. Many of us gave up and just ate the veggies and cupcakes because the effort it took to get one good bite of the turkey just wasn't worth it. I know the bride's dad wasn't happy.

And then there's the one thing I DIDN'T get a picture of (thank goodness) ... my spectacular fall down the stairs leaving the country club. My heel caught on a step with loose carpeting and down I went, right onto the pavement at the bottom. My knees have lovely bruises on them (the left - which is already bum - kinda painful) and my right wrist is a little sore, but I'm ok. Is it sad that I'm more upset about how scraped up my pretty heels got? No matter how many times my dad lectures "it'll buff right out", it won't. Damn.

At least Sarah and Josh had a gorgeous wedding filled with love with their family and friends. I love Josh for making Sarah so happy.

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