Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I survived camp! ... I think.

Well, I survived the weekend. I never did get any runs or structured workouts in, but I was walking around and lifting enough that I didn't feel TOO bad about it. It's a little over 1/4mile from Frontier up to the dining hall and about the same from Frontier OR the dining hall to the activity field, so I got in plenty of steps.

Tom and Jake "guarding" the door as the severe
thunderstorm rolls in.
FC is always FC. Fun for the campers and counselors, stressful for the coordinators, and bittersweet and hopeful for the alumni. There will always be some kind of inter-personal drama and apparently I'm very good at getting caught in it, despite my wish to just be a part of the background this weekend. Oh, and I had to hear about it from one of my mentees/friends and not from the people who have a problem with me. Typical. At least I got to see and spend some time with Jake. I really wish I got to see him more often. We make jokes about his "creepy" antics, but he never fails to make to smile. Seeing Nancy and some of my favorite places around camp was nice too. Oh, and I got a HUGE surprise when I went to "visit" the horses while everyone else was off doing Buddy Walks! Candy, the horse I rode for YEARS at Camp Libbey, is still alive! She's REALLY old at this point, and in bad shape, and her temperament has only gotten worse since the last time I saw her (she nearly took off a finger when I tried to feed her), but it's still Candy. As soon as I recognized the markings, my eyes started tearing up. That horse is responsible for some of my favorite memories of summer camp. Nancy said it's about time to start looking for her final home, and I wish [so much] I could give it to her. I wish I could give back a tenth of the happiness that horse gave me over the years. Seriously, I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it.
Candy, my palamino baby! <3

HOLY CRAP JOE! This is why it's dangerous to
leave us in the storage room with the prop/dress-up
closet during a severe thunderstorm warning.
lmao! LOVE these people!
Anyway, my passport was waiting for me when I got home. Yippee! The State Department must not be too busy since I got it in under 3 weeks. lol. At least now I have it. :)

I spent most of yesterday either laying in bed working on my computer or SLOWLY cleaning and doing laundry. I was just completely wiped, mentally and physically. Today, I had to get my butt up and onto campus. Sean came over and we went to get his textbooks before he had to head back to Whitehouse for physical therapy. Move-in has started for the freshmen and campus is already starting to return to life. Of course, this also means it's time for campus maintenance to shut down all the parking garage for work and for all the road construction AROUND campus to kick into high gear. Happens every year. lol. Oh well.

I'll probably just rest again tonight and run tomorrow morning. I still feel like I'm dragging but I need to get my workouts back on track, especially my upper-body weights. This camp wiped me harder than it ever has before, even when I was running the show. Weird.

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  1. I went to camp when I was young for 1 month a summer. It was a lot of fun but at times I felt homesick. Camp is camp I suppose!

    cute blog