Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The WTF?!

Today was an interesting one, to say the least.

1) I DID get to talk to advisor-man, and he agreed that it would be best to just pay for a credit hour this fall and get the stupid paper finished (*grumble*$#!@ data*grumble*). Neither one of us want me to walk away from my Masters. He and JB are leaving Saturday for a week so I'll have that time to just sit at home and get stuff done.

2 & 3) I haven't signed up for my credit hour yet. I was waiting on an email from Karen to let me know if I needed to do anything specific to defer graduation to Fall. I already have my new Graduation Application ready to go, but there's nothing on the website about HOW to defer and our "Grad school liaison" didn't know either. If I don't hear from her by tomorrow afternoon, I'm just going to sign up for it  so advisor-man is still around if I need him to sign me into the credit (sometimes the computer system works, sometimes it doesn't).

4) I was pretty pleased with (part of) my run. The Roche de Bout parking lot was closed for repaving, so I had to use the Indianola parking lot 1/2 mile down the trail. I did my warmup by walking BACK towards RdB so I wouldn't cut too much into my actual running distance. I don't want to run past the River Bend shelter house just yet. Anyway, I started with just a comfortable steady run and went until I decided I needed a drink. I ended up going 1.77 miles with an average pace of 11:21. I walked for a bit while I took a drink and then took off again. When I got to the "Welcome to River Bend Metropark" sign, I knew I was 1/4 mile from the shelter house so I picked up the pace for 0.59 miles with an average pace of 10:43. It was nice to feel the power in my legs as I picked up the pace. On the way BACK to Indianola, I went at whatever pace. I was paying more attention to all the sick or dead trees along the trail than I was to my running. I didn't really care. I was still riding the happy from the first part of the run.

The "WTF?!" part of my day came when I got home and plugged my Garmin into my computer to upload the data to Garmin Connect. I saw the "Dear Customers, thank you for all your early feedback on the latest version of Garmin Connect. Unfortunately, we’ve identified bugs that need to be fixed before we redeploy the new features." right away, but then I noticed that my entire page was in ITALIAN!! Then, as I found the "account settings" and went to change it back to english, I noticed that though MY id was at the top of the page, I was somehow looking at the information of a 46 year-old Italian guy. REALLY?! I guess they DO have a glitch. I signed out and signed back in and that seemed to fix it, but HOW THE HE!! DID THAT HAPPEN?! Of course, my dad is looking over my shoulder and just laughing hysterically at how peeved I was getting. I was seconds from telling him where he could stick it. Even after I signed out and back in (and changed my password just in case), I was told several times "this info is forbidden". *Sarcastic glare* Uh huh. And then I refresh the page and it works just fine. Whatever.

I may have found a race for this fall, too. September 10th. Sunshine's Walk, 5k Run & Roll. Close to home, too. Apparently "base" is Monclova Elementary and the routes are W-C Trail for the walk and Black Rd for the 5k. Registration is $15 before August 31st and it all goes to Sunshine. Hmm.

5) I did Day 1 of Week 1 of my Push Up Challenge. It consisted of reps of 5, 6, 4, 4, and max-out. I'm doing the easier stance (knees on the floor instead of toes) for now. Maybe once I can do the 100 push ups with the easy method, I'll do it again with the correct form. Maybe. I need to be careful of my posture ALWAYS. My wrists already twinge. My wrists have never been very strong and my right hand in general hasn't been the greatest since I broke that ring finger in flag football. Yea, you read that right. Intramural flag football my senior year of undergrad. I grabbed for a guy's flag and my finger got caught in the elastic on the bottom of his jersey. Spiral fracture the length of the proximal phalanx (the 3rd bone up from your fingertip). Two surgeries and my wisdom teeth coming out within 3 weeks. It was a great semester. Oxycodone and Hydracodone and I were buddies. lol.

6) I'll start my plank challenge later tonight [I'm pooped right now]. I'll be doing the modified pose for this too (forearms on the ground instead of hands, but legs and back straight as always). I'm still deciding how I want to start and proceed since I can't find any good "plans" online. Does anyone have suggestions?

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