Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today's Plan

Just so it's out in the blogiverse and I can be held responsible ...

1) Talk to advisor-man. The GPR equipment was sitting RIGHT in front of my desk in the lab this morning, so I know he's back in town. Hopefully he'll be in his office in about a half hour.
2) Sign up for my 1 credit hour (grrrrr) and pay the bill right away (even more grrrrr)
3) Find out what I need to do about my grad school/ graduation paperwork (at least I know who to talk to for this, if she isn't too busy)
4) Run (at least 3 miles ... on trails [shins are still achy from the road run Tues morning])
5) Start my one hundred pushups challenge (I did the test last week, time to start the reps)
6) Start my plank challenge

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