Sunday, June 19, 2011

Carol (brother's godmother) was with Sean this morning when the Drs made rounds. Dr Healy, the neurosurgeon, said they won't do surgery for the broken vertibrae, but he'll be in a back brace AFTER they deal with the pelvis. Sean got fitted (sorta) for the back brace yesterday, so we knew that was coming. Supposedly the trauma resident had a meeting at 9 this morning to decide when they would put in a filter for blood clots and to get updates on Dr Patel's plans for the pelvis surgery, but we didn't hear anything until Sean's day nurse started making phone calls about 45 minutes ago. He's been taken off NPO, so probably no clot filter and definitely no pelvis surgery today. She made it sound like they're still waiting on Dr Patel (idk if there isn't an open slot in the OR or if he just doesn't want to do a surgery on the weekend). Sean's O2 sensor has been going off an obnoxious amount so they put him on oxygen last night. It seems to be helping. Since I got here this morning, it's only gone off once, and that was when the nurse was having him breathe deep while taking vitals. He's on percoset so he's been sleeping a LOT (actually, he tends to pass out about 15 minutes after they give him the IV painkillers too, the percoset just knocks him out for longer). The abrasions on his arms are looking better, though there is some skin hanging off on his right forearm. They don't want to pull it off and possibly damage the good skin around it. The stitches on his left arm are looking good. His nurse just took out the iv in his right hand (the one done on the scene) because the tape was starting to cut into his skin it was so tight and it wasn't being used. Don't know if they'll put in another one on that hand or not.

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