Thursday, June 16, 2011

I picked up my race packet today :)

I decided to leave early and go pick up my race packet today. Since I knew I wanted to "run" the course and check it out as well, I ran some errands and picked up some new running/workout gear while the rain went through town. It was still raining when I was running, but you could tell is was slowing down and the sun came out right around the 2.5 mile mark, which was pretty great. Metroparks already has the whole course mapped out and signs put up so I didn't even need to mess around with the paper map. I like the course a lot, but now I need to decide which shoes to wear? Some of the course is pavement, and some of it is very loose dirt and sand. *Sigh* I have 36ish hours to figure it out. lol

Oh, and we heard from mom and dad earlier. Dad shot us an email (no international phone calls ... too expensive. lol) to let us know they were a couple blocks away from the worst of the rioting in Vancouver, but they had gone to bed early last night and never heard it! *shakes head* That is SO my parents. lol.

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