Saturday, June 18, 2011

I guess I have some time to blog. First, I finally snapped at Sean yesterday morning and told him to get the hell out of the house. I didn't want him around stressing me out the day before my race and I wanted to just enjoy my Saturday. Sean said he would leave, but first he was taking the Harley for a test drive since we had JUST gotten it back from the dealership after having (very expensive) work done.

Fast forward to about 2 hours later and I got a phone call from the Wood County Sheriff. Yea, I nearly had a heart attack. Sean crashed the bike and was lifeflighted to St. V's. And mom and dad were pretty much unreachable. So I got to deal with everything.

Long story short (because I'm exhausted) ... He has a broken pelvis and a broken L1 vertibre. Until the ortho surgeon decides to do surgery, his left leg is in traction to keep the hip stable. Mom and dad are aware and are keeping in-touch through email and obnoxiously expensive roaming phone calls when they're at port (they got on a cruise this morning). Sean's godmother (god bless Carol, she's calm when I nearly loose it), our uncle (who dad emailed before calling us the 2nd time last night), and myself have kind of been rotating in and out staying in the hospital room and keeping track of the updates from the docs and nurses.

Still no word from the ortho dr on when they'll do surgery on the hip ... and everything else depends on that. So it's a waiting game. They're letting Sean eat up until midnight since they knew the surgery wasn't going to happen today, but then he's back to nothing until we hear otherwise. At least the kid is sleeping. A lot. The pain meds knock him out. It's better that way. His summer is completely shot, and he already has too much time to think about it.

Dealing with the sheriff's deputy, the impound, and the insurance are coming soon ...

I could go into so much more detail, but I'm just plain exhausted. My 5k was this morning. I'm proud, even though I wasn't competitive at all. I beat my (generous) goal time by 5 minutes, even with my walking. It was an interesting experience.

They really need to put reclining chairs in these hospital rooms. I could fall asleep.

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