Monday, June 13, 2011

Odd morning ...

Mondays are always a little "off", but I really don't know what is up with today so far. No craziness happened on my run this morning (barely over 2 miles and I need to learn how to dis-connect my warm-up and my actual run in my Garmin) unless you count my shin/calf discomfort. I'm chalking that up to *maybe* over-doing it yesterday at Oak Openings. I could hike those trails all day, but doing 6.5 miles the day before a run probably wasn't my brightest idea (I seem to be making quite a few poor decisions like that lately). There weren't any shenanigans in the car or in the traffic around me on my drive to campus. Nothing shocking or annoying has happened in the lab so far (*crosses fingers* for it to stay that way). I got my appointment with AAA made for this afternoon without any hassle and the guy actually apologized for their system being messed up last week.

Sounds like a decent morning, right? Exactly. Monday mornings NEVER go this smoothly unless I stay in bed until noon. It's weird because nothing crazy has happened. It actually has me spooked, like I'm just waiting for something major around the next corner. Is my life really that stressful and chaotic that I'm not able to accept when things just seem to be going ok? Am *I* the one creating the drama in my life or is it really coming at me from all sides?

Just in case, I'm going to transfer extra money to my checking account. Who knows what AAA is going to find when they check my brakes and rotors this afternoon. You can't outrun the devil and apparently he's giving me a pass on this morning.

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