Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well, I honestly can't say this morning was anything like yesterday morning. I went to bed early last night (mainly because I was falling asleep on the couch watching Bachelorette with mom) and let myself "sleep in" until 6 before I laced up my running shoes and headed out the door. It was chilly, sure, but I just wore my compression shorts (with a pair of soffee shorts over top. I've never been comfortable running around in spandex shorts, and these are tighter than my crew uniform shorts ever were!), and another old teeshirt with the sleeves cut off (coincidently, my Toledo Rowing tee. lol). On a side note, I'm pretty sure this is what I'm going to wear for the race on Saturday. I was comfortable and my thighs didn't rub, but I didn't feel exposed when my soffees rode up a little bit.

Back to today, I had expected today's run to feel long and painful, but it wasn't at all. My feet and legs felt strangely lighter than usual and I could tell I was running close to my preferred quicker pace. Yes, I had to slow down to a walk to take drinks, but oh well. I didn't drink as much during the run as I normally do, either.

I learned something about the drivers in my little corner of nowhere too. I've almost gotten used to cars nearly clipping me and being pretty much jerks on the route I normally run, but I was pleasantly surprised by the drivers over on Weckerly. I had been a bit nervous to run over there and especially to run past the place where a friend of mine was killed back in high school, but the drivers were actually really nice and gave me plenty of room, no matter how crowded and busy the road was.

I had the highlight of my run, though, on the home-stretch as I was just reaching the village limits. Now, Swan Creek crosses under the road RIGHT at the village limits and there is a decent length of the road through there that's bridge with very little dirt on the side of the pavement. It was here that I noticed what looked like a big pile of dirt laying just on the edge of the pavement. I thought it was odd but when I got about 2 feet away THE FREAKING HEAD WHIPPED AROUND! It was a freaking SNAPPING TURTLE! The shell was probably 10 inches from front to back. Seriously. I screamed and jumped almost all the way to the center line of the damn road. I knew, I guess, that there was the possibility of snapping turtles in Swan Creek, but I had no idea they were getting THAT big and were able to haul themselves that far up the bank! I wish I would had had my camera. I guess I could have grabbed my camera from home and gone back, but I was just ready to stretch, each some breakfast, and crawl in the shower.

I even ended up crawling back in bed for another hour. No matter how much I sleep at night, I feel tired at some point during my day. I'm planning to modify my diet when mom and dad are gone and see what that does. I eat better when they're gone and I have to prepare my own food anyway. Oh well.

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