Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lovely day ...

What a lovely day. Actually, it was a pretty nice weekend all-around. I got a nice run in yesterday morning and the mail had come with my new Garmin and waist-pack by the time I returned home. After a shower and setting my Garmin up to charge the battery, we headed over to Uncle John's to celebrate Taylor finally graduating high school. I'll be the first to say Tay did the right thing by staying an extra year and getting his GIS certificate. Anyway, it was more of Tay sitting in the living room with his friends playing video games and "all the family" sat in the kitchen and dining room and talked. No matter what happened, I'm glad I got to see Aunt Judy. I was never really close to her until Grandpa started going downhill last year. She's the one that got me through seeing him at Hospice. Back to the day, I was more exhausted than I usually am at that point in the day so we headed home not long after Aunt Judy. I spent the rest of the evening laying in bed and reading.

Since I was up late readying, I slept in until around 10am and basically just layed around the house until after lunch. Then I decided I needed to get up and do something, but I didn't want to run. So, I decided to head over to Oak Openings to bust out a couple of the trails and put the new Garmin through its paces. I was pleasantly surprised. It never lost the satelites, even in the densest part of the woods. The immediate area around Mallard Lake was packed because of the gorgeous day, but the trails were nice. I only passed a couple people on each trail and we never had a problem passing each other. I love the sand dunes and the pine stands. :) When I got home, mom had made pineapple ham and cornbread muffins for dinner. :)

Now, I'm off to crawl in bed and read some more. Depending on how my legs feel in the morning, I may go out for a quick run of the Lakeview loop. I have no idea how to train for a race, so I'm kind of playing this by ear and keeping a close eye on my body. The parents leave Wednesday (I think) and then I'm on my own (unless Sean decides to be a pest).

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